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Twenty five years ago I was asked by the world famous art director
Henry Wolf to come to New York and work for him.
I left Germany and built a new life in New York City which
Includes a family -with my wife Florence and my two daughters
Camille and Caroline.

After assisting Henry Wolf for eight years I went on my own.
Commercial work of different kinds paid the bills, but my focus has
always been on the female nude.

The concept stayed the same-I wanted my subjects to be real
women- not models. Nudity can be a touchy subject and at first it was hard to find Volunteers. Soon I had a selection of photographs to show which made it easier for women to understand my intentions.
When I meet or see a women that I think would be a good subject,
I hand out my card and briefly explain the concept.
They can visit my or my gallery’s website and see for themselves.
The response has always been favorable.

I compiled all the pictures that are with collectors in one book.

“ Guenter Knop on Women “.

This is a book about women for women !!!

16 people of different backgrounds volunteered to write comments
about what they see in my book.

My goal is and will always be to photograph real women for their own
display and to convert ideas into artworks that represent women as
they see themselves.

Guenter Knop


Born in Germany
Graduation at the Hermann-Boese Gymnasium for boys.
Studied agriculture at the Christian-Albrecht University,
Kiel, Germany .
First assistant to photographer, Charlotte March,in Hamburg
Fashion editorial, advertising, corporate.
One year trip around the world USA, Japan,Taiwan,Hong Kong,China
for China Travel, Germany .
First assistant to Henry Wolf,
Henry Wolf Productions.
Television commercials, still lifes, catalogues, portraits and advertising
Commercial photographer, Advertising, cosmetics and editorial


Screen Actors Guild, New York, November 1996
Knop Studio, New York, February, 1997
The Haase Gallery, Chelsea ,New York, December,1997
The Cultural Center Gallery, South Hampton, New York ,August ,1998
The Haase Gallery in Chelsea,New York, November 1998.
The Museum of Sex, The New York Javits Center, July 1999.
Bridgehampton Cultural Center, New York, September 1999
The Schmiede Art Center, Hamburg /Buchholz, Germany, October 1999
Bremer Presseclub 30, November 2000 - 16.January 2001
Kito Art Center, Germany, Febuary 4.2001 - February 28.2001
Haus Hunenburg Achim /Bremen, April.2001 - May.2001
The Old Print Shop, New York, November 2001

Holsteinhaus in Schwerin, Germany, February 2002
Culltural Center Koethen, Germany, April 2002
The Old Print Shop Group show,
Sugar Hill Bistro, July 2002, Neu Brandenburg, Germany, Fall 2002
Galerie Ephemere, Paris, November 2002
Knop Studio, February.2003
The Old Print Shop, New York, February 21.2004
Photogallery Vierrademuhle, Berlin/Neubrandenburg, February 2004
Knop Studio, Paris Mon Amour, Photographs of Paris, September 2005
Dresden, Semper Opera November – January 2005
The Old Print Shop, New York, February 2006
Guenter Knop Studio show “Real Women” November 2006
Show at Phyllis Lucas Gallery 2007/2008

Published Work

Idea Magazine - Japan, 1992
Das Magazin” - Germany, 1994
Nudes Index, Koenemann Verlag, Cologne,1999
Indexi, Feierabend Verlag, Germany 2002
Naked, Feierabend Verlag, Germany 2004
Guenter Knop on Women, Germany Steffen Verlag 2005
Playboy Germany, December 2005
Dresdner Semper Opera / Magazine December 2005
Nude Bible, Tectum Publisher January 2008
Carrie Leigh’s Nude, Magazine 2 nd issue Winter 2008
Nudes Index II , Feierabend Verlag, Germany July 2008
Carrie Leigh’s Nude, magazine June 2008
50 World’s Best Photographers Playboy Germany July 2008
Nude Bible II, Tectum Publisher Belgium September 2008
Ragazine.CC On Line Art Magazine March 2011
Musee Magazine On line Photomagazine 1. issue 16. Nov. 2011

Contact / Phone: 123-456-7890

Guenter Knop Photography LLC
178 East 124 Street
New York City, NY 10035

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